How did I fix the issue SSL mixed content error?

After installing the SSL certificate on my website I was not quite happy because in the address bar it was showing parts of this page are not secure then I try to find a plugin I found Better Search Replace but it did not help. Maybe I did not know how to use it.

After months of search, I found a video on Youtube, the guy was showing how to find mixed content error of SSL certificate. Go and look at the source code of the page where you can see which HTTP link causing the problem most of the time its an image link problem. there I could see the logo image was causing the problem it was showing IP address instead of the domain name without https but I went to media library but the link was showing https, checked all the images but problem at all.

Then finally I  thought that I can Login into phpAdmin and download the database then have looked at the link with the IP address and there I found it. Then there I replaced the link and drop all the tables from the database and query back in with edited database and that’s it did the job.